Clicksor Advertising Review is a high performing, online contextual advertising network. They deliver traffic from hundreds of niche Web propertiesand portals with a better ROI (Return on Investment) than any other PPC network. Clicksor offers no minimum monthly spend, low cost-per-click, industry-leading & patented fraud detection, responsive & expert PPC customer support and innovative advertiser tools and services.

However, not a lot of information is found regarding Clicksor so I’m putting this review to guide out there for anyone looking to for a low-budget and easy way to start driving traffic to offers, products and services. This is a collection of 10+ years of Clicksor Pay Per Click Marketing.

There are many reasons why I like Clicksor over some of the other top networks. Here is a list of the top 5 networks in my opinion:

  1. Trafficvance
  2. Clicksor
  3. MediaTraffic
  4. DirectCPV
  5. AdOn

Obviously one of the most important aspects is the traffic quality and Clicksor has pretty good traffic quality. It’s not as good as Trafficvance, but Trafficvance has a minimum $1,000 deposit and you have to had a referral from someone spending at least $50 a day on their network. Clicksor has a minimum deposit of just $20! So, I like to use Clicksor as a starting place for testing campaigns by using its contextual targeting technology. You can get the conversion if you target the right keywords.



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